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The addition of a swimming pool or spa is one of the largest home improvement projects that homeowners or property owners can make. You not only improve the value of your East Tennessee property, but also the life value when you spend time enjoying your new swimming pool from Classic Pools Spas.

The process of constructing a new swimming pool is very detailed and Classic Pools Spas has pool professionals that know all aspects of swimming pools. Through our face to face discussions with you, we will comprise a plan to make your swimming pool vision come to life. It will be your person retreat. We want you, and all of our pool clients, to understand the many options you have and how far your budget can be stretched.

We value you and are here to serve. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts about your swimming pool construction project and make sure you never feel neglected, overwhelmed, or lost in the process of the production of a new swimming pool.

Pool Construction

Swimming Pool


If you currently have a swimming pool or have acquired a pool with the purchase of a new home, your pool may need a facelift or modifications. Good news, Classic Pools Spas can help! Our team is ready and willing to explain all the new advancements in swimming pool technology.

One of the most popular and cost efficient ways to renovate the look of your pool is to replace the existing lining. Swimming pool vinyl liners can normally be changed in a single day and can dramatically dress up your backyard.

Landscaping can be altered or added to most swimming pool areas with minimal invasion, thus giving your hardscape a softer more appealing appearance. Refinishing the concrete around your swimming pool or spa is another way to create a better looking backyard. We offer all these services and have many more options for renovating your space!

Swimming Pool Renovation
Pool Renovation

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No swimming pool is capable of being impervious to the elements, no matter how big or small it may be.

It is essential to maintain a balanced water chemistry in order to fully enjoy your swimming pool or spa. Most swimming pool owners will agree that summertime can often feel like a never ending battle when it comes to swimming pool health.

There are several factors that can affect a swimming pool’s chemistry including rain, debris, sunshine, and even people. Our trained professionals can assume the worry and responsibility of maintaining a perfectly balanced water chemistry, as well as the removal of dirt, sand, and other debris. This will give you more freedom and time and grant you peace of mind.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Pool Repair

We repair broken swimming pool tiles, liner tears, and much more

Pool Cleaning

Scheduled visits for removal of dirt, sand, leaves, and other debris

Pool Water Care

Swimming pool PH balance and swimming pool care

Pool Closing

Prepare and close your pool for the colder months

Swimming Pool & Spa

Equipment Installations

Faulty swimming pool and spa equipment such as a leaky or inefficient pump or filter system can impact your swimming pool’s ability to stay ahead of the elements. One of our team members can easily diagnose your problem at hand, and offer options to either repair or install equipment.

While it is true that most systems last for nearly a decade, you may be interested and surprised at how technology in swimming pool systems has changed and what is now available to you. For an example, can you imagine only replacing your cellular phone once every ten years? You would be astonished to learn of how much easier life could become. The newer pool and spa pumps produce more power while using far less energy. Combining an updated system along with an innovative salt chlorine generator, you can practically set your swimming pool system on cruise control and save money!

Pool Pump Installation

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